Finding a Wedding Dinner Venue in Malaysia

Assuming you have all the money to spend for the grandest and most extravagant place to dine, finding wedding dinner venue in Malaysia is easy. All you need to do is just type in the best places in Malaysia in your search engine, and it will return to the top most recommended places. But if you are on a budget, better find something else. Here are some of the places recommended for your wedding dinner venue from BGT.

Grand Hyattgrand-hyatt-kuala-lumpur-jp-teres-1280x427 With the introduction already in place, seeing that you want that wow factor to be seen from the eyes of your guests, the Grand Hyatt is the one to get for your choices. This is a very lavish hotel in the country, and another strong point is that this place possesses flexibility. You get to choose one of three rooms wherein each of them has its unique decor, and also depends on the number of guests you invite. Both the Grand Salon and Grand Ballroom are free from pillars, not to mention they have one great layout. Take a look at the crystal chandeliers inside these rooms that are made of lightbulbs numbering around 8,000 each.

Mandarin Oriental 


If you want your guests to have more room to move around, the Mandarin Oriental has the most spacious ballroom in the nation. It is said that it can fit a Boeing 747. It is famously known for the largest functioning room without any pillars in town. You can even see here the overlooking KLCC park, which is a luxurious benefit to having in any ballroom available. It is indeed a very glitzy place, with its 8-meter high ceiling allowing for dramatic decorations such as elaborate draping and various lighting effects.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral


Considered as a syncopated offshoot of the mo =re expensive hotels, this hotel has a pillarless ballroom with a 22-meter high ceiling that is decorated with chandeliers, installed with projection screens and even soundproofing – which is a great place for live bands. And not only that, the ballroom’s got a secret door that will lead directly to the car park. This means cars can be driven directly to the room. There is no need to walk down the aisle when you can just simply arrive in a supercar.

Empire Hotel Subang

For a more modern look and a bit of theatrics to boot, nothing can beat the impressiveness of Empire Hotel, especially with its LED lights that make people feel like they are entering another dimension or a different planet. The lights in this place change colors almost every minute. You can also have a different setting for the lights that will match the theme of your wedding. This is a less formal venue for a wedding dinner since it is a design boutique hotel. Experts envision this place as a casual getaway rather than those dressed up for formalities. The extra good thing about this place? There is no extra charge for the flower arrangements placed on tables.

Why you should visit the wine shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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